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Beware - Thrifty will lie to you to sell you the Insurance Coverage

I was quoted a total price online via PRICELINE for $391.59. When I arrived at the location, Thrifty Employee Abraham told me that under Panama law he cannot accept insurance provided by my credit card company Chase and I will have to purchase Thrify's coverage or he will not release the car to me. Accordingly I purchased this coverage to get the vehicle. Later I did online research and found out that Abraham misstated the facts to me and my credit card provided insurance would have been fine. Upon return, I saw Abraham and he flatly denied that he required Thrifty's insurance. He said that he told me that he could accept my credit card insurance and I chose to purchase Thrifty's insurance. Abraham simply lied to me . My online reasearch shows that this is the way Thrifty does buisness in Panama. I understand that this is a franchise but Thrifty's Brand Protection should take corrective action. Upon my return I called Thrifty's Customer Service and was told that since this is a franchise Corporate office cannot do anything about it. I am a lawyer by profession and I refuse to believe that Thrifty's Brand protection cannot take corrective measures. I ask that your office look into this and refund the excessive charge of $608.85.


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A liar.
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