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Awesome Rental at Thrifty Panama...

I just wanted to express the satisfaction i had when renting a car at Thrifty in Panama City. I was recommended to take the Standard Protection Package which covers me for all important things...Car 100% and liability to $300K. I didn't want any worry, and I did not want to rely on any kind of coverage I thought I might have. I know my credit card says they cover me, but I fell for that once before in Las Vegas and after having an accident, I learned the hard way that they do not cover "EVERYTHING" as they claim they do, so I figured that I would not like to take such a risk like that in Panama. After all I was there for business and pleasure.
The agent was great, very nice, and I was nice too, maybe that is why they gave me a nicer car than the one I reserved.
I had a great experience. Sometimes people slip through the cracks, and those are the ones who write negative blogs, which I totally understand, so I wanted to balance things out a bit with my positive experience blog.


Mentionable Staff
He spoke good english and we had a great conversation and he made great recommendations...
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