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irritating and will go elsewhere next time

Irritated person on the phone explaining where to find the shuttle bus. Beware if you don't understand straight away! Took ages for  the bus to arrive. Car was very small, but clean inside and out.
Nasty surprise is that the amount for an outside hours drop off fee is nowhere mentioned so we just had to take it that this was 25 euros. Not cheap. Worst of all is that the paper you get for an out of hours drop off mentions an address  at 15 minutes walk away from the departure terminal and was closed. Not handy if you have an early flight. After wasting 30 minutes searching we discovered a drop off point at the bottom of departure hall... which wasn't mentioned on the bit of paper we were given. Crowning the cake was, when we phoned later in the day to complain about this (thinking to remind them to change the info - for future clients), that we were told that it was our mistake and we should have known better!  With ridiculous extra fees like that PLUS impatient and impolite staff we'll go elsewhere next time.

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