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Thieves thieves thieves

I usually do not write reviews because i believe the negative reviews affect small business owners. But i decided to write this one since this company has unethical practices. We rented a car for 8 days, we told them upfront that we do not need insurance as our credit card covers us. On the day of return, they claimed that there is a chip off on the windscreen and we did it during the rental period. We didn't have time to find a picture to challenge the claim. So, we decided to pay for the damages ($650). But, later on, I looked thru my camera pics and realized that the damage was already there when we got the car but the lady had not marked it. It isnt our fault either that we didnt notice at the time we got the car. Because when we got the car, there were water droplets on the windscreen, and the chip off was so tiny, we didnt notice it among the droplets. Yes, it was our fault that we believed the honesty of the girl who checked the car at the time of delivery. We will probably get our money reimbursed from our credit card company. It isnt about the monetary loss but companies like these hurt the image of Icelandic people. We had absolutely fallen in love with the country and were so appreciative of the warmth and honesty of people. But, the people at green motion are thieves who just dupe people. Two more observations -

1. The day we received the car, there was someone else returning the car and i remember that they were charged the exact same amount for the damages.

2. Our car had a sign "Iceland 4X$ car rental" which i believe is a separate company.. So, i dont know if the same people are operating two companies with same cars.

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