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Green Motion is running a SCAM and charging customers for PREEXISTING car damages

We booked a Jeep Renegade(orange) with Green Motion on 19th Dec-2018 from their Keflavik, Iceland location and picked the car around 12:30 AM. It was bit drizzling and the car was parked in dark spot in their parking. After signing the paperwork, the customer rep (Agne Kryzeviciene) asked us to take a walk around the car to look for any dents or scratches other than mentioned in the contract. Because of improper visibility and weather conditions we were not able to check the car properly and explained this to her. I told her that I am signing the paper but will do a thorough check next day in daylight and will send the pictures of any new damages if I find other than listed in the contract. The contract handed to us said that there were some dings and couple of dents, but the windshield and mirrors were clean. Next morning when I did a walk around, I found the windshield crack on the passenger side. So as said, I took the pictures of the new findings and emailed it to the them.

The woman at the office however was definitely not a good representation to the Icelandic tourism. I am very sure that she was NOT Icelandic - every single Icelander we met on our trip was so lovely, honest and friendly. She was rude and arrogant and was putting severe pressure on us to buy the full insurance package at a awful price, which we didn’t as we had our own insurance.

When we returned the car on 26th Dec-2018, the customer service representative (Vadis Jona) told us that they have found a new dent/damage underneath the front bumper on driver side. The dent she pointed out is way under the front bumper and being a customer, anybody can miss it while doing a walk through. I tried to explain it to her that it was not caused by us. If it is a new damage, then there should be scrap marks or scratches on the bumper due to a hit caused by something. But there were none. Secondly, I tried to explain her that while handing over the car, if the company guys can miss the very visible windshield crack then this is way under the car, so it is very easy miss too. But she was very adamant and asked us to pay for the damages. These guys also know it very well that our flight was in next 1 hour so we were in no position to argue our case for long. We even asked her to let us talk to her branch manager, but she was so arrogant and said that she is the manager and the owners are not here.

When we browsed on the internet we found lots of similar complaints. They play the same card with everyone, just the damages and cars are different but their modus operandi to cheat people is the same.

When signing the contract, they push you to buy their insurance which comes out to be more than the rental value and if you don’t buy then they rip you off like this. Needless to say, this was a very bad ending to our awesome trip in Iceland!

One of the UK’s largest car hire booking websites, Holiday Autos, has already removed Green Motion from its listings following “a flood of complaints” from customers.

Please avoid GREEN MOTION RENTAL CAR COMPANY as I don’t want any of your trip to get a bad ending as ours. Please don’t get yourself trapped in their upfront low-price tag as they will rip you hard later.

The Guardian:

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