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First of all i arrived at the airport with no green motion staff in sight, after 10/20mins wandering around car park and car rental areas another customer over heard me mention green motion and told me where to go, and eventually he arrived did the rep, not only was this an hour an a half after i had arrived and originally booked the car but he was not apologetic in the slightest. He then showed us to the shuttle bus where me and my friend had to get in as we were both driving, so he crammed 10/11 people in the the car wherr it was only a 9 seater and set off, to my surprise he was then going down a 90km/h road while showing people in the car his phone and i mean both hands of the steering wheel! When i arrived at the hire place it was a further 45 mins of waiting to get served! I was then served and was told the car i had hired was not available, baring in mind i had requested a manual vw golf petrol, I received a diesel skoda octavia estate automatic. Not thats nothing like i ordered, then came the fun part, we were told of damage, and told there was scratches in the paint and that was it. On looking with my second driver, we saw a huge dent on the passenger, and scratches and belmishes everywhere around the car. To which we mentioned the the hire rep. The car was boring for the travel which isnt a bad thing considering the ice and snow so that worked out well. Then came the dropping off, we checked the car and strated taking photos as the lady we hired from said it wouldnt be checked on straight away would be done later. But a lady popped out and told us it would be checked asap and that she had never seen so many pictures been taken before, we did this solely so we wouldnt get taken for a ride, which brings me to the next part, the rep told us there was a chip in the windscreen about the size of a 5 pence piece, possibly less. Considering we had drove a fair few miles and we did not see a chip at all and didnt hear it we were rather confused. It wasnt on the sheet before so we were in a catch 22 situation. She was adamant it was a crack, it wasnt it was a chip, i have seen cracks and seen chips before, but apparently a chip means you need to pay the sum of 99,515 ISK, around £750, i could get that fixed on my own car insurance for a small excess of about £60, so yeah i got shafted. The staff just stared at you and made you feel uncomfortable the whole time proceeding the drop off and the driver back to the airport was listening to really loud over the top music.

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