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Green Motion Iceland

I went to Iceland for holiday and rented a car from on line before I went. The car rental provider is Green Motion, I picked up the car with no issue but when I returned the car, the staff of Green Motion found there is a dent about 1 cm at the side door, so I had to be charged 290,000 ISK through my credit card immediately as their term &condition. I received their email after 7 days and they said the repair cost for this 1 com dent is 205,517 ISK and they will refund the balance into my credit card. When I saw this figure, 205,517 ISK, I was totally shock!!! 205,517 ISK is about £1,370 (exchange rate 1:150) to repair a 1 cm dent at the side door. I did consult a garage near the London area and they gave me an estimate report cost is £200. I tried to contact the Green Motion to argue their charge but they replied me that I can’t compare the cost between Iceland and UK. Can anyone believe the labor cost in Iceland is 6 times more than UK , one of the most expensive labor cost countries in the world??? I strongly feel Green Motion was trying to rob the tourist of Iceland or the insurance company who cover this damage. And I don’t think Green Motion is a proper and reputable rental company, I believe they try to charge any car renter, who made the damage ,with very unreasonable amount as their profit . Because most of car renters are tourists of Iceland and may not visit Iceland again or in the short term. So I strongly warn the potential car renter never use Green Motion service to avoid to become a victim as me. 

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