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Green Motion Car Rental deception

I went to Iceland for Holiday in August and rent a car from Green Motion. When I returned the car, they found there was a 1 cm dent at the side door, so they charged me 290,000ISK (£1,954.42) from my credit car. then they said they will email me how much will be the exact repair cost and refund me the balance. But when I received their email, I was totally shocked because they charged 205,000ISK for a very small dent (only about 1 cm), the amount is equally £1,385.06 Can anyone believe to repair a 1 cm dent from the side door will cost £1,385 (USD2,000)??? Even I consulted the UK Garage who said will only cost under £200 in the UK to do the repair. When I questioned the staff of Green Motion in Iceland, they just answered me that I can't compare the cost between UK & Ice land. UK is one of the most expensive labor cost country in the world, but how can Iceland labor cost is more than 6 times higher than UK? Can anyone believe??? totally not, Green Motion is just trying to rob the tourist of Iceland or the insurance company who cover this matter. Although I have bought the fully protection policy when rented the car on line, I will the claim their charge from the insurance company, but I still very piss off about the Green Motion. Everyone should never rent a car from Green Motion, I don't think they are a proper rental company, they are just using any damage of car customer caused when rent a car to charge extremely unreasonable money for profit making. Everyone, believe me, never ever use their car rental service. Otherwise, you will become the victim as me if you damage the car accidentally.

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